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18 March 2016


LEMASA – Turning SA talent management into a new direction

Achieve strategic goals by identifying superior talent.

LEMASA in partnership with the internationally awarded online assessment house, PinsightTM, is ready to revolutionise organisational assessment in the South African market. This web-based Assessment Tool combines big data, algorithms, technology and human assessors to deliver a cost-effective, information rich assessment of a company’s talent.

The world is at the beginning of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Concurrent to this are a set of broader socio-economic, geopolitical and demographic developments. When the World Economic Forum surveyed global HR decision-makers they found that the global workforce can expect a significant shake-upof job families and functions. The report, released January 2016, indicated that by 2020, more than a third of the desired core skill sets of most occupants will comprise skills that arenot yet considered as crucial in today’s workspace. These statistics have a major impact on how organisations source their skills.
Globally, the Deloitte Talent Survey indicates that only 17% of executives believe their talent programmes are “world-class across the board”, while 83% acknowledge that significant improvements need to be made.

Finding efficient ways of securing a solid talent pipeline will become a priority for virtually every industry. Added to the talent management requirements of the future is a particular need for a new type of manager who will successfully steer companies through upcoming change and disruption.In a developing country like South Africa, executives are often challenged with questions such as: How much talent will we need? What type of talent will we need? Where will we source the talent?And how will we retain the talent?

Proudly South-African company, LEMASA, a player in the Talent Management industry for many years, also recognises that organisations need to improve the Employee experience by integrating their search for talent and skills with a new generation of performance management, selection, learning and employee feedback systems that strategically support the organisation and its long term goals.

“The war for talent in South Africa has met its match”, says Sandra Schlebusch, Managing Director of LEMASA. “Through PinsightTM we can now offer our clients an efficient assessment instrument that not only connects with their strategic goals but also identifies and develops superior talent.”
Developed by Martin Lanik, PinsightTM is the first talent management technology to “test drive” and predict managers’, directors’, and executives’ potential to execute strategy for a company’s competitive advantage. PinsightTM delivers a high-accuracy picture of a candidate’s performance and potential – without the typical bias associated with annual reviews or 360-degree feedback. The on-line assessment, proven not to take longer than three hours, is built on a platform that usesan extensive set of data (big data),proprietary algorithms, live certified assessor interactions and evaluation of 250 attributes that dramatically increase the accuracy of simulations to identify potential managers, directors, and executives.

PinsightTM guarantees uber-like technology that creates more engaging assessment sessions based on his/her global location and language. Candidates can simply select the session that best fit their schedule – no project management or other special skills required.

Today’s world has new challenges, new clients and new markets to serve. Bersin by Deloitte® reported a rush to replace and re-engineer talent management around the world.LEMASA with its exciting new tool, PinsightTM can equip companies to face these challenges.

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LEMASA, a proudly South African company established in 2004, specialises in Assessment and Development Centres, Training and Development, as well as Organisational Development and Design. The company partners with highly skilled consultants - nationally and internationally - to deliver its services. LEMASA has a diverse client base that includes some of South Africa’s largest companies inthe financial, manufacturing, telecommunications and agricultural sectors. LEMASA does continuous research and statistical evaluations on services delivered for trend identification and validation purposes as well as selection of appropriate technology.

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