Where people in geographically different places participate in an
Assessment Centre in Real Time

Do you want

•   to use Assessment Centres, but do not have the time or money to bring everyone to the same venue at the same time?
•   to listen-in on role-plays and do you want to see how candidates are responding to written simulations, but do not have the time to attend the whole Centre?
•   your Assessment Centres to resemble the actual twenty-first-century work-environment?
•   to ensure that your Assessment Centres are delivered in a standardised manner each and every time?

If you answered "Yes" to any or all of the questions, then you should use E-valuation™.

What is E-valuation™?

E-valuation™ is a top-shelf assessment solution that uses web technology to create a scalable, cost-effective, engaging and highly realistic job "test drive".

This Virtual Assessment Centre creates a "day-in-the-life" through a series of job-related activities in a fictitious organisation.

Participants, assessors, role-players and clients interact in real-time from anywhere in the world.

E-valuation™ enables the running of a Virtual Assessment Centre that adheres to ALL the requirements of an Assessment Centre:
•   Multiple Assessors;
•   Role-plays with real people; simulations with open-ended responses;
•   Multiple Assessments of competencies.

And it happens in real-time!

What content is used during this Virtual Assessment Centre?

Off-the-shelf simulations can be implemented immediately, or can be easily modified to fit your company's unique needs.

Furthermore, simulations can be created to mirror your organisation's environment and culture, and the tasks and activities of specific roles, and ensure that the simulations elicit the behaviour linked to your company's competency model.

What are some of the features and advantages?

•   Easy administration
•   Participant invitation with pre-work
•   Scheduled and unscheduled live phone-based and/or face-to-face role-plays simulating on-the-job activities
•   Personalised electronic In-Basket, including emails, business plans, personnel records and/or client accounts
•   Optional personality and other psychometric assessment testing
•   Real-time tracking of participant behaviour
•   Provides all the benefits of a traditional Assessment Centre at substantial cost savings
•   Delivers personalised assessment materials, enhancing realism and motivation
•   Simulates today's technology-based work environments
•   Affords central control with local implementation – allows Assessment Professionals to control global operations, delivery methods and processes, but can be delivered anywhere in the world where a telephone line and an internet connection are available.