Business Profile


LEMASA is a boutique, black-owned company (level 2 on scorecard), specialising in Assessment and Development Centres, Training and Development, as well as Organisational Development and Design. LEMASA uses a network of highly skilled consultants nationally and internationally as well as appropriate technology, to deliver our services to selected clients. Our consultants are mainly Industrial/Clinical Psychologists and other Human Resource professionals.

LEMASA is committed to offering world-class services. We are results oriented and therefore motivated by achievement. We measure achievement in terms of meeting clients' requirements within the agreed upon time frames. As a consulting firm we are quality conscious and do not compromise service standards. All our assessment tools/methodologies adhere to the requirements as prescribed by the Health Professions Council of South Africa; the Assessment Centre Study Group of South Africa and the International Guidelines for Assessment Centres. Our programmes and interventions are cost-effective and aligned to achieve the standards and qualifications registered on the South-African National Qualifications Framework. We do continuous research and statistical evaluations on the services we deliver for trend identification and validation purposes.

Our Products

Select Talent

• Assessment Centres – Selecting the most appropriate candidate
We use a combination of Simulations, Psychometric Tests, Situational Judgement Tests, Ability Tests

Develop Talent

• Diagnostic Centres; Development Assessment Centres; Coaching Development Centres
We use Simulations to identify strengths and development areas and implement tailor-made development plans
• Learning and Development
Mentorship; Coaching; Leader-Manager development; Sales Development; Contact Centre Development; Secretarial Development; Soft-skills Development; Problem-Solving and Decision-Making
• Bite-Size Training
Emotional intelligence; Business Skills; Analytical Skills
• Games
The Mentoring Game; The Coaching Game

Nurture Talent

• Organisational Development
Talent Management Frameworks; Succession Planning; Workforce Planning; Employee Surveys; Team Building; Facilitation of Strategic Sessions
• Organisation Design
Compensation Strategies and Structures; Job Evaluation; Job Profiling; Process Mapping; Organisation Structure

Our Vision

LEMASA is the first choice provider of services to Select Talent, Develop Talent and Nurture Talent.

Our Mission

We partner with clients to provide Development Assessment Centres, Assessment Centres, Training and Development Programmes and Processes, and Organisational Development and Design Interventions.

Our Values

• Integrity in everything we do
• Delivering a professional service
• Building trust and developing open relationships
• Following a participative approach in everything
• Ensuring scientific rigour

Our Footprint

Through our network of consultants, we have representatives in South Africa in Gauteng, Western Cape, Northern Cape, Free State, Kwazulu Natal and New York City, US. But, through the use of technology, we deliver services world-wide.

Our Business Model

LEMASA does not employ people on a full time basis. Our Business Model has always been one where we contract specialists for specific projects. This enables LEMASA to have continuous access to experts while keeping the company overheads low, thus allowing LEMASA to provide cost-effective solutions to our clients.

Contact us Mobile +27(0)82-46 24560
Fax:+27(0)12-998 5878 or +27(0)86-600 7519

Our Directors

Sandra Schlebusch


Service Offering:
Development and Assessment Centres
Internal Processes
Learning and Development
Customer Relationship Marketing

Academic Qualifications
• B Com Honours in Industrial Psychology. A dissertation will enable her to obtain an M Com Industrial Psychology
• Registered Psychometrist
• Professional Coach

Work experience
20+ years in various business sectors such as the chemical, transportation and broadcasting industries. She has also worked closely with agricultural corporations, banking institutions, organisations in the manufacturing industries and academic institutions.

Her work has included the spectrum of Training and Development, Organisational Development, Individual Counselling and Assistance programmes, Remuneration, Potential Identification Processes and designing Competency Profiles. She also effectively established and ran a profit centre within a parastatal.



Service Offering:
Organisational Development and Design
Strategic Management

Academic Qualifications
• BA Economics and Statistics, University of Swaziland
• MSc Economics, New Mexico State University

Work experience
Over 20+ years includes extensive experience in public and private sector management consulting, Human Resource Management, Organisation Development, Competency-based Skill Audits, Change Management and Transformation, Diversity Management; Research; Enterprise Development and Project Appraisals.

Our Company Structure


Our Company History

LEMASA Pty Ltd, previously Scheronb cc, trading as The Consultants, was established in 1999. We started business by offering collaborative Leadership Development Centres to Vodacom. Soon the business offerings expanded to include training and development, Assessment Centres, and recently, organisational development interventions.