How did attending the Coaching Centre (MDC) assist you in your quest for development and career?

MDC helped me identify areas of development to get me to the next level in my career, but most importantly it assisted me to be more confident as an individual. It was also a great networking opportunity.

What were some of the positive outcomes of the coaching sessions with the assigned coach?

I had a plan which I was being tracked against by my coach during check-in sessions. The plan was realistic and worked for me. I was able to cover all my areas of development and more. It was also great to have the commitment and buy-in of my line manager at the time.

Sonia Veiga – previously Vodacom, currently Pepsico


How did the coaching centre (MDC) assist you in your quest for development and career?

At the onset of the coaching I had no idea of where I was heading to. The development and training provided brought everything into perspective.
After the training I had a clear goal in mind and what is required to reach the goal.

What were some of the positive outcomes of the coaching sessions with the assigned coach?

The coach proved me tips and tricks on how to deal with senior people, difficult situations and finally implement certain actions so that I could benefit of learning the business for example mentoring.

Yousuf Mayet (IBM)

+27 82 990 8004

How did you the coaching centre (MDC) assist you in your quest for development and career?

- Gave me insights on the heart-bit of the business in making effective business and financial decisions
- dealing and managing people around performance and productivity

What were some of the positive outcomes of the coaching sessions with the assigned coach?

- Pushed and exposed to real work situation to act and deliver as per management expectations and outputs
- Focused to deliver and manage organizational bottom line (revenue and customer management)

Qiniso Nyathi

+27(0)82 992 1462

The course exceeded my expectations. It was Insightful, enormously valuable and professionally lead. The role-play or scenario based training increased my confidence and gave me insights into how I react when put in certain types of scenarios.
Another exercise asked us to make a judgement call on an employee after only being in the environment for a very short period of time, I made the incorrect call in the exercise but that is the benefit creating a safe-to-fail environment. I took that lesson with me and will always remember and apply it when dealing with people.

Overall it is a well-rounded course and lead by very good people.

Alistair Adriaanse


It is a pleasure to declare that I made use of the MDC coaching centre and its personnel in the past on various occasions.
Knowing the personnel for a long time I found them very helpful, competent and eager to give assistance. They go out of their way to meet my requirements and fit round my availability.
I can recommend them to any company needing this type of coaching and training service.

Riana Donaldson - Vodacom International


Doing articles and the MDC with LEMASA, was the toughest time of my life. I thought that Christine was out to get me. I was right, Christine and LEMASA was on a mission to get every ounce of talent, skill and leadership out of me. I hated it then, but I know its true value now.
The course and the coaching laid a solid foundation for my career and my life. What a brilliant Team. I am forever in your debt. I AM, BECAUSE OF YOU!

Andrew Hendricks (Vodacom) Principal MAP4LIFE MIDRAND


Leadership: The coaching sessions taught me how to become a good leader and manager; and also the importance of teamwork. Leading from the front was key for me.

In-Basket: This taught me the importance of planning; being organised; thinking logically & being in control of your daily activities. I also learnt the importance of being accountable and responsible in decision making. The speed of delivery came out as a priority for me in this exercise.

Summary: The LEMASA coaching sessions helped me a lot in unlocking my potential and making me a better and value adding employee. It has also opened a lot of doors for me in the Corporate world and has changed the way I used to think and do things. I will recommend these sessions to up and coming leaders.

Humble regards

Andrew Setime


How did you the coaching centre (MDC) assist you in your quest for development and career?

It equipped me on a middle management level with the necessary competencies to implement within the organisations’ strategic objectives. Furthermore, the programme helped me to develop a basic understanding of the different fields of management to ensure that I do not perform my own management functions in isolation.

What were some of the positive outcomes of the coaching sessions with the assigned coach?

To draw up a basic plan to recruit, select and motivate human resources, and manage their performance.

Sipho Buthelezi (MTN)


MDC really opened my view on how to approach my work and life. The course really helped me with my attitude towards my work, and the people I work with in order to produce good results.
Furthermore the course helped me to understand that as a leader in order to have a high performing team, you need to find ways on how to lead a team in the right direction.

Hilary Moholola


Morning Sandra my name is Plaatjie Sekete working at ArcelorMittal South Africa in Vanderbijlpark. The Lemasa programme helped me a lot and it opened new opportunities for me and I'm now furthering my studies because of this programme.‬‬

Plaatjie Sekete

ArcelorMittal South Africa

I’m currently the Training Manager for ArcelorMittal South Africa and have 8 managers reporting to me with a total staff compliment of 61. I was struggling with outputs from my team and the problem seemed to be that the behavioural skills were short falling. The Group Manager Training for ArcelorMittal South Africa suggested that we contact LEMASA to design a development centre specifically customised for the training department aligned with a remuneration based competency system currently used in our company. When I’ve heard that the centre will be based around role-plays and scenario building, I was very sceptical. Coming from an engineering background, common sense dictates that any person can manipulate a “staged” work environment. But; the boss has spoken and I had to work with LEMASA to get the development centre implemented. I had to pilot every role play and exercise with LEMASA and I’ve realised very soon that you had to keep your bearings together to actively partake in these sessions and that you don’t have any time to manipulate anything that is required from the development centre. The personal feedback received assisted me in my own development. My whole team went through these centres and low-performing individuals (who was on their way out!) were turned around (lucky for them!).

The power of this programme resides in the following metaphor:
1. You get an examination from the doctor. (The exercise to be done where current competencies are measured)
2. You get a prescription from the doctor. (Results and feedback from the facilitator’s ito the exercise done & the type of development interventions needed.)
3. You go to the pharmacy for the prescription. (Books; DVD’s; Training, on the job tasks; to develop yourself)
4. A follow up visit to the doctor after 6 months. (Manager, individual and facilitator sits together and discuss your development progress over the past 6 months. Re-alignment of the prescription )
5. This will go on until you are cured (The skill has been developed)

The most sceptic person (me) is now the biggest marketer of this product. I can’t see any other method of development for high performing teams.

André Gouws

Training Manager for ArcelorMittal South Africa
Cell: +27(0)83 468 1608