Employee - centricity

“Our people are clients of management.”

What is employee-centricity?
We know about being client-centric: Client-centric businesses ensure that the client is at the centre of the philosophy, operations or ideas of a business.
Employee-centricity expands on being client-centric. Employee-centric businesses apply similar thinking to their own employees: They ensure that all systems and structures are integrated in such a way that employees have work experiences that are seamless and positive, and that their work is easy to execute. A user-focused work environment is created where employees have access to information, work is meaningful and collaboration with others is easy. The purpose is to create an environment where employees are passionate about their work and loyal to the employer.

Being employee-centric and creating employee value makes business sense:

According to research by Bersin by Deloitte (2014), the following are drivers for employee passion:
• Superior management
• Great work that matters
• Flexible, supportive working environment
• An inclusive culture

• Flexible, supportive working environment
• An inclusive culture
• Trust, meaning and purpose
• Recognition and rewards
• Career and learning opportunities
• Autonomy and control over own work.

LEMASA offers specialist services to establish what your current environment is like, what motivates your employees (what constitutes “fun”), what needs to be done to create the envisione environment, and we partner with you to build the desired environment. Specifically, we assist you, amongst others, with the following:
• Manager-Leader Development
• Employee Surveys
• Process Mapping
• Competency Profiling
• Role and Job Descriptions
• Job Evaluations
• Organisational Structure Design
• Remuneration and Compensation Design
• Career Paths, as well as Learning Paths