Observer Training / assessor training

What is the purpose of the training?
The reliability and validity of an Assessment Centre depends in part on using competent observers – people who have proven their competence in Observing behaviour, Noting behaviour, Classifying behaviour and Evaluating behaviour (ONCE). However, these are skills that need to be learned and continuously practised to ensure competence.
The purpose of this Observer training is to introduce the potential observer to ONCE and to lay the foundation for eventually becoming a competent observer.

What are the training outcomes?
We follow a behavioural approach to assess the behaviour displayed by Centre participants during simulations. This training will therefore focus on training potential observers in ONCE.

the end of the three days, the participants will have an understanding how to:
• accurately identify behaviour;
• correctly Observe behaviour during an interactive simulation;
accurately Note behaviour during an interactive simulation;
• objectively Classify behaviour according to competencies; and
• fairly Evaluate behaviour according to norms.

Who should attend this training?
• Psychometrists
• Psychologists
• People working in Human Resources or Training and Development
• SETA registered assessors
• Anyone with a solid academic background in Human Behaviour.