Technology-Enhanced Centres (TEACS)

E-valuation™ enables the use of technology that suits your unique needs.

Now we have a choice!

Can only certain simulations of an Assessment Centre (AC) be delivered using the internet?

Both the target job and the organisational context dictate the extent to which technology is incorporated within an Assessment Centre.

We use technology to ensure that the twenty-first-century work environment is mirrored as far as possible. If the target job incumbent uses the internet to send and receive emails, the AC should deliver its emails in the same way. If the target job incumbent does not coach subordinates telephonically, this should not be expected of a participant during the AC.

Which simulations can be delivered by using the internet and phone?

All simulations can be delivered in this manner if that is what is required for the target job. However, if face-to-face interaction is still a big part of the target job, then all the written material/ simulations can be delivered via the internet, while all the interactive simulations are delivered in
person, face to face.