Assessment Centres

What is an Assessment Centre?

An Assessment Centre is a “simulation-based process employing multiple assessment techniques and multiple assessors to produce judgements regarding the extent to which a candidate displays selected competencies required to perform a job effectively”(Schlebusch & Roodt, 2008).

What are the objectives of an Assessment Centre?

To select the most suitable candidate(s) for a position / programme.

What techniques are used?
The Assessment Centre uses a combination of the following:
• Simulations:
-Coaching Discussions;
-Assigned-Leader Group Discussions;
-Analysis Exercises;
-Business Presentations
• Psychometric Tests
• Situational Judgement Tests
• Ability Tests
• Interviews.

What are the deliverables?

• An integrated report, with recommendations, tailored to the client’s needs;
• a feed back session, discussing recommendations; and
• optional extras.

What are the benefits of using Assessment Centres?

• The selection decision is based on a culturally tolerant scientific process.
• The choice of techniques provides a more comprehensive picture of the candidate.
This allows for more information to be considered in the selection process and leads to the selection of the most suitable candidate.

Which Assessment Centres are available?

• Executives
• Managers and Senior Managers
• Supervisors
• Team Leaders
• Sales Executives
• Sales Managers
• HR Managers, and
• HR Business Partners.