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What is a simulation?

A simulation is an exercise that simulates a situation that an employee is likely to encounter at target job level. Stimuli are presented to a participant, who has to respond with behaviour that can be observed, noted, classified and evaluated.

What types of simulations can be designed?

Examples of simulations:
•   In-Baskets
•   One-on-one Interactive Simulations
•   Group Meetings
•   Analysis Exercises
•   Oral Presentation Simulations
•   Oral Fact-finding Simulations.

In which respect do simulations differ?

Simulations differ from each other in that they:
•   Require either a verbal or a written response
•   Reflect either a day-to-day or a strategic situation
•   Require either a group discussion or an individual response
•   Reflect either a competitive situation or a cooperative situation
•   Require either the use of either technology or the use of pen and paper.


•   Participant Instructions
•   Observer Instructions
•   Role-player Instructions
•   Observer Report Form
•   Norm table.