What is an In-Basket?

An In-Basket is a written exercise that simulates the typical pile of papers/emails confronting a manager-leader, for example, at the start of a working day or on returning from a trip or holiday.

The Assessment Centre candidate is expected to respond to the papers/emails in the way she/he thinks best (for example: delegate tasks to subordinates; give instructions; etc.). An In-Basket typically consists of various items eliciting behaviour that can be classified under various competencies assessed during an Assessment Centre.

What is the purpose of an in-basket?

The purpose of an In-Basket exercise is to determine a candidate's current ability to manage and lead his department's performance in a written context, so that the department operates productively and that its objectives are met.

What competencies are typically assessed with an In-Basket?

•   Initiative
•   Information Gathering
•   Judgement
•   Providing Direction
•   Empowerment
•   Management Control
•   Written Communication.

How is an in-basket administered?

An In-Basket can be administered in a face-to-face situation, using pen and paper, or in a virtual situation using E-valuation™.

Which types of In-Baskets are available?

•   Head of Department
•   Middle Manager
•   Supervisor
•   Team Leader
•   HR Business Partner
•   Training Professional, and
•   Sales Manager.