The candidate is placed in the role of Managing Director of a small business unit which focuses on a single product line within the emerging markets region of a global manufacturing company.

As Managing Director, the candidate must provide leadership to director-level managers responsible for sales, marketing, brand management, finance, logistics and distribution, as well as product innovation. Throughout the 5-hour Assessment Centre the candidate is expected to overcome various challenges in order to ensure the success of the simulated business unit. Challenges are presented as In-Basket items, as well as interactive role-plays. Some of the challenges include:

•   Creating new Business Opportunities
•   Resource Negotiation and Allocation
•   Dealing with Employee Conflict
•   Employee and Team Performance Management, Coaching and Development
•   Dealing with Market Turbulence
•   Inventory Management
•   Customer Service Issues.


•   Coaching Discussion: This involves coaching a direct report about relationships with colleagues and competing job offers;
•   Presenting a Business Case: The candidate presents a business case on the sustainability of a business strategy and model.