Designing and Developing Assessment Centres


Do you want to

  • design and develop an Assessment Centre that addresses your organisation’s unique needs and challenges?
  • engage a partner that delivers a complete and comprehensive design and development service?


We partner with you to develop such an Assessment Centre; Diagnostic Centre; or Development Assessment Centre.  We follow a systematic process that assists with implementing valid, reliable and evidence-based centres within your organisation.

With years of experience in designing and developing various  types of centres for various purposes we follow a proven methodology that not only assists in the design and development process, but also in transferring  skills to the client organisation.  We assist the client organisation in building a strong business case for the centre that needs to be designed if the organisation has not already done so.  We assist with crafting an assessment centre policy (AC Policy) for the organisation and assist in embedding the centre within the organisation’s people processes.

The centres that we design and develop can be executed by the client organisation themselves, or we can execute the centres within the client organisation -  you, the client decides.   

If the client chooses to execute the centres themselves, we design the centre staff training and certify each person as competent for their specific centre role.

Irrespective of whether the client organisation executes the centre themselves, we assist the organisation in the centre evaluation and validation process.

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