Virtual Assessment Centres (VACs)


Want to create unique development plans for your manager-leaders based on real needs?

Want to use Assessment Centre methodology but do not have time to send 6 people at the same time to a day-long assessment centre?

Then our Virtual Assessment Centres have the answers you are looking for. 

These 3-hour VACs incorporate real-rime interactive role-plays with case studies and in-boxes.  We offer the following VACs, scheduled per individual delegate:

  • Senior-level VAC
  • Mid-level VAC
  • Manager-level VAC
  • Sales Manager-level
  • Sales Professional-level VAC

Feedback reports are ready within 24-hours

All VAC delegates have access to the Pinsight App, focusing on daily 5-minute activities to turn desired behaviours into habits.

Click here to learn more about the Pinsight App.

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