Building Serious Games and Gamification


Games, gaming, serious games and gamification have become significant in the learning and development space.  Perhaps part of the reason for the popularity of these approaches is the level of engagement it elicits from those participating in the activity. It taps into our natural curiosity, our wanting to solve problems and see how our solutions turn out in a safe context; it taps into our wanting to do better next time and sometimes, into our competitiveness. It challenges us; and it rewards us.

A well-designed serious game can do one or all of the following: enforce desired behaviours, enforce desired values and transfer knowledge.  Although the purpose of a game is serious, playing it is fun!

We partner with you to design and develop unique game-related interventions, whether board games, as example The Mentoring Game, or other types of serious games, as example a game as part of your Development Assessment Centre.

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For information about The Mentorin Game™ which is a board game played by Mentor-Mentee teams, click here

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