NEW - Communicate in English as though English is Your Home Language


We all know that English is the business language in a lot of countries including South Africa.  It is also a fact that for most people, English is a second, or even a third language.   Hence, many of us struggle with expressing ourselves in English.

LEMASA to the Rescue!

You can now upskill your, and your employees’ English proficiency by attending My English Mentor, a 3-part learning opportunity.

Part A: The Fabric of English Communication

This is an asynchronous self-directed learning opportunity. The learning process first introduces the various parts of speech of the English language. The process then shows how these parts weave together, with extended help for understanding the tenses. Delegates will find it rewarding to overcome many of the typical pitfalls of English, while improving the way they already apply the language.  Learning time varies, depending on personal circumstances but could be completed in 20 hours of applied learning time.

Part B:  Writing for Readers.

This is a high-impact 6-hour facilitated synchronous learning opportunity for technical, administrative, marketing, or management communication.  Techniques are introduced to help writers integrate the power of their natural thinking processes with modern writing techniques and best practices. They learn to wrap their writing around their ideas with speed and clarity. This thinking process also helps delegates to prepare for effective presentations.   Tried and tested principles are shared for clarity, speed, and image!

Part C: Best Practices for Written Communication.

This is a practical reference document for emails, punctuation, and practical help for other valuable English issues.  It is shared, without additional fees, for all delegates who attend Writing for Readers, as well as for all who work with The Fabric of English Communication.

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