NEW - Identifying Game Changers and Enabling Them to Thrive in Your Teams


The Covid-19 pandemic taught us that we are living in a VUCA world (volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous).  This forced us to critically question every aspect of our business; including who do we need as employees?  We can take as a fact that organisations need a pipeline of competent manager-leaders through-out the organisation, but who else is required to allow organisations to thrive now and into the future?  And here I am not hinting at the changing skill sets that the 4IR requires.  

Research done by a UK based consultancy eg1 indicates that organisations also need the type of person called a Game Changer.   Game Changer has the ability to see new opportunities before others.  They are “ideas people” willing to take a risk and will probably stop at nothing to get people onboard to make an idea a reality.  A Game Changer is a person passionate about driving an idea to implementation.   They see criticism as a chance to improve what they are doing and they view failure as a stepping-stone, not a terminal event.  Game Changers often have a reputation for being difficult, as they keep challenging how things are done. Many leave organisations out of pure frustration at the resistance to their ideas. The large majority of Game Changers therefore opt out of corporate life. Over three-quarters of individuals with strong game-changing inclinations report that they work for themselves or in a small organisation where they are not tied down with bureaucracy. They often do not fit in with corporate culture, BUT when the corporate culture is right, they thrive; and so does the organisation.

Game Changers are people that can bring about transformational change through driving the adoption of new products, services, or operating models.   They can potentially be the type of person that helps business leaders transform their organisation into an organism taking advantage of the challenges and opportunities offered by 4IR and a VUCA world! 

LEMASA can assist you to identify the Game Changers throughout your organisation and to form teams that enable game changing contribution. These teams are more than the sum of their parts - they take advantage of each team members’ strength and liberate the diversity required of any modern workplace. 

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