"Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter." – Martin Luther King Jr

What is Assertiveness?

It is a learnable skill and way to communicate.

"It is a way of expressing oneself clearly and resisting manipulation" – Smith, MJ. 1975

What are the benefits of being Assertive?

•   People know what is expected of them in the shortest possible time;
•   Higher trust levels between people, because there is no hidden agenda;
•   People speak their mind;
•   People feel good about themselves – they share feelings, opinions, needs, wants and ideas, and people are ok if their ideas are rejected.

How could Assertiveness be developed?

It could be developed by attending the LEMASA Assertiveness Training Program and implementing the newly acquired knowledge and skills.

What is the Training Content?

•   Introduction to Assertiveness
•   Assertiveness techniques
•   Being assertive in special situations

What is the Training Methodology?

LEMASA uses the following approach when facilitating learning, insights and discovery:

•   Lectures" and discussions
•   Self-insight questionnaires
•   Video clips
•   Case studies
•   Role-play
•   Group exercises

Who should attend?

•   Employees
•   Team Leaders
•   Supervisors
•   Managers
•   Any person who wants to improve interpersonal communication and relationships