Do you want

•   Your HR department to function as Business Partners?
•   Your HR department to set the example in implementing tailor-made individual Development Plans?
•   Individuals in the HR department to understand and fulfil their roles effectively?
Then consider implementing the HRDC

What is the HRDC?

The HRDC is a Coaching Development Centre that enables HR Professionals to discover their current areas of strength and areas needing further development. Empowered with this insight, an individual Development Plan is drawn-up. This Plan becomes your HR Professional's growth roadmap.
The HRDC is based on the six strategic business partner domains (roles) identified by Ulrich et. al. in the book "HR Competencies: Mastery at the Intersection of People and Business".

The roles are underpinned by the Foundation Competencies that are also evaluated along with the roles, during the HRDC.

Apart from Assessment Centre principles, what other principles underpin the HRDC?

•   Continuous feedback: When an adults receive continuous feedback on their performance, it leads to insight about the issue feedback is given on. In turn, this leads to a change in behaviour.
•   Experiential learning: Adults learn most effectively when they experience situations and then reflect upon the situation.
•   Adult Learning: Adults need to co-create their learning experience and need to own their development needs for development to be effective.

What simulations are used during the HRDC?

The simulations include:

•   A Career and Self Development discussion

•   An analysis of an organisation-wide business problem and its associated HR implications
•   A consulting meeting with a line manager
•   A proposal presentation and facilitation meeting

What are the tangible deliverables?

Each HR Professional draws-up:

•   A Journal summarising performance and learning; and
•   A comprehensive Development Plan

What intangible deliverables are there?

The intangiblre deliverables include a comprehensive view and self-understanding of current areas of strength and the competencies that the participant still needs to develop to become a true HR Strategic Business Partner.

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