A training programme designed to assist Manager-Leaders in achieving top performance

'Help! I have to improve the performance of the people who report to me – I am held accountable for my team's performance.'

If this expresses your feelings, you should consider attending the Managers' Coaching and Counselling
Skills training programme.

What is the training content?

The training includes the following:

•   A discussion of the differences and similarities between coaching and counselling
•   The theory underpinning these concepts
•   Discovering the underlying competencies
•   An integrated model for empowering individual employees
•   The micro-skills of coaching and counselling:
•   Listening
•   Asking questions o Giving feedback
•   Attentive body language
•   Proposed discussion structure agendas

What is the training methodology?

LEMASA uses the following approach when facilitating learning, insights and discovery:

•   'Lectures' and discussions
•   Individual role-plays in a safe environment
•   Personal coaching

What is the duration of the training programme?

The training programme is presented over a period of three (3) days.

Who should attend this training programme?

•   Directors
•   Executives
•   Managers
•   Any person who is held accountable for the performance of others