Sales Executive Development Centre

Are all your Sales Executives competent? Do you need your Sales Executives to be more competent?
Consider sending them on an SDC to develop their own Individual Development Plans and increase their competence!

What is a Development Centre?
A Development Centre (DC) is a formal process during which group and individual simulations are used to assess a participant’s behaviour in various competencies. These competencies are regarded as important for effective job performance.
The purpose of a DC is thus to identify the participants’ areas of strength and current areas needing further development. Development takes place during the Centre, as well as afterwards.

What is the purpose of the Sales Development Centre?
The purpose of the Sales Development Centre is to identify your organisation's Sales Executives' areas of strengths and areas needing development. Once the development areas are known, unique, individual Development Plans are drawn-up for each Sales Executive.

What simulations are used during the SDC?
The following simulations are used to assess 10 competencies:
• A Cold Call
• The First Meeting
• Presenting the Solution, and
• Managing the Solution

What is the Duration of the SDC?
Three days, using extended business hours.

What is the delivery method?
LEMASA can deliver the SDC as a Diagnostic Centre – the participant receives feedback about his/her performance once the SDC has been completed.
However, we recommend that the SDC be delivered as a Coaching Development Centre – the participant receives coaching after every simulation.

What are the deliverables of a SDC?
Each SDC participant compiles a Journal summarising his/her performance and learning during the SDC, as well as a comprehensive Development Plan. This is discussed during a Development Discussion with the participant and his/her direct line manager, facilitated by LEMASA.

What are the intangible take-aways?
Amongst others, a comprehensive view and understanding of own current areas of strength and of competencies that the Sales Executive still needs to develop in order to become a truly effective Sales Executive.

Are there any optional extras?
LEMASA can also facilitate Follow-up Discussions to support the participant in his/her development and track progress.