A training programme that makes effective Management- Leadership a reality

Is the ability to be an effective manager leader a characteristic that is genetically defined, and are only a select few born with it?

NO! It is a skill that can be learned – provided that you really want it!

What is the training content?

The content is based on the role of a manager-leader. This role is to create an environment in which people are enabled to perform. In a management-leadership role, the manager-leader always focuses attention on People, Product, Money and Process.

Skills that are transferred relate specifically to:

•   Structure: Planning and organising
•   Involve: Empowerment, training and coaching
•   Control: Management control

What training methodology is used?

LEMASA uses the following approach when facilitating learning, insights and discovery:

•   'Lectures' and discussions
•   Exercises
•   Individual role-plays in a safe environment
•   Assignments

What is the duration of the training programme?

It is a powerful six-day training intervention, attended one day per week over a period of six weeks.

Who should attend?

•   Team leaders
•   Supervisors
•   Junior managers
•   People aspiring to the above positions