BE a Business Ethics Champion – A One Day Workshop

‘We must use time wisely and forever realise that the time is always ripe to do right.’ Nelson Mandela

Let’s do a quick ethics health check:

Please make a tick in the appropriate block if the statement applies to you or your work environment:

Others are blamed for missed due dates, bad decisions or poor results.  
The boss is allowed to fail as a result of the withholding of information and failure to point out risks.  
The budget is padded in anticipation of possible cuts or end-of-year spending sprees.  

People protect themselves against losing control or power.

People send endless memos or hold meetings to ensure that they are covered or that they can distance themselves from bad decisions.  
Excessive amounts are spent on ‘team-building’ exercises, which is actually just a ‘fun day’ away from the office.  

The internal mail is abused for private postage.


Software is downloaded for private use.

Personal computer games are played, or time is spent on personal chat rooms on the internet during work hours.  

People run their own businesses from the office premises.


Stationery and other office equipment are taken for personal use.

People take credit for work done by others.  

People pretend to be busy when in actual fact they are not.


People do the bare minimum.


Employees fail to attend scheduled training.


The company credit card is used for personal gain.


Employees take extended lunches/arrive late/leave early.

Total number of ticks  

If you have ticked ANY of the above statements, it is time for YOU and your colleagues to become Ethics Champions!

Studies suggest that business ethics training can make a significant contribution towards reducing legal action against organisations and cost decline resulting from supply shrinkage. Furthermore, if an organisation exercises particular care in ‘doing right’ by meeting all responsibilities to its employees, customers, suppliers and all stakeholders, it is usually awarded with a high degree of loyalty, honesty, quality and productivity.

What is the Business Ethics Workshop?

The Business Ethics Champion workshop explores several important issues relating to organisation ethics and creates practical awareness of the topic. It also stimulates conversation about the ethical dilemmas facing your organisation and assists the parties involved in reaching agreement on possible ways to deal with these dilemmas.

What is the aim of the workshop?

The aim of the workshop is to provide your employees with the knowledge and practical tools that are needed to effectively implement business ethics in the workplace and allow everyone to be a Business Ethics Champion.

After attending this one-day workshop, your employees will be Business Ethics Champions who will be able to:

• define business ethics in practical terms;
• develop awareness and sensitivity to ethical issues;
• align organisational behaviours with operating values;
• understand the various approaches to ethical decision making;
• understand the dynamics of ethical dilemmas;
• apply various tools that encourage ethical decision making; and
• establish the requisite operating values and behaviours.

LEMASA is aware of the fact that this workshop should form part of an overall Ethics Management Programme in your organisation and will therefore take care to ensure that those elements are supported by the workshop.