Recession-proof your sales results and start your upswing today!

LEMASA has a tailor-made programme that could start your economic upswing today! An improved bottom line follows when we focus on the individuals in your sales team and help them to realise their full selling potential by determining and addressing their personal development needs. This, combined with our researched solutions for every imaginable difficulty, will take your sales team's empowerment to the highest possible level.

Solution-selling Workshops

Selling REAL solutions to your client is what builds repeat business. Repeat dealings with existing clients are more cost effective than trying to reel in potential new clients. The Solution-selling Workshops transfer skills that enable the sales executive to not only reel in new clients, but to also ensure repeat business from existing clients.

The workshops cover the following:

Module 1: The nuts and bolts of solution selling

Module 2: Building credibility

•   Leads: Identifying potential clients
•   Qualified prospect: Gaining access
•   Introductory meeting: Establishing the foundation
•   Behaviour underlying credibility

Module 3: Winning the sale

•   Needs analysis: Identifying the real business drivers
•   Solution presentation: Explaining the solution
•   Closing

Module 4: Ensuring client success

Training methodology

Weekly one-day workshops enable delegates to continue with their selling while they are learning. Lectures, discussions and role-playing ensure that learning takes place during the workshops. Assignments to be done during the week ensure that learning is immediately applied in the real world.

Entrench solution-selling behaviour through coaching

Once a month, each sales executive receives a coaching session with a professional coach. This ensures that newly gained skills, knowledge and attitudes are internalised and become second nature to the sales force. It is recommended that the coaching cycle be extended over a period of five months to put into action our powerful strategies for achieving personal goals.

LEMASA is committed to developing excellence to ensure productive, target-exceeding sales executives.

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