Manager-Leader development centres

Do you want:

• Manager-Leaders in your organisation who understand and fulfil their role effectively?
• Each Manager-Leader to actively follow an individual Development Plan to continuously improve their knowledge and skills?
• Development Plans to address actual development needs?
• Enabled Manager-Leaders who support your company to achieve its objectives in a sustainable way?

Then consider implementing the Manager-Leader Coaching Centres.

What are the Manager-Leader Coaching Centres?

The Manager-Leader Coaching Centres are a series of opportunities for participants to go through group and individual simulations that asses their behaviour on various competencies. These competencies are regarded as important for effective management-leadership within a company. After each simulation, each participant reflects on her / his behaviour and receives individual input from a coach. The input can then be used to guide behaviour during the next simulation.

Each opportunity (called a Coaching Centre) is a start to an individual growth process.

What are the tangible deliverables of each Centre?

Each participant at a Coaching Centre draws-up:

• A Journal that summarises everything that took place at the Centre. The Journal is written by the participant, in her / his own words, with the assistance of her / his coach. The purpose of the Journal is to aid the recall of all the learning at the Centre.
• A comprehensive individual Development Plan that becomes the participant’s roadmap for future growth.

What Manager-Leader Coaching Centres are offered?

The following Manager-Leader Coaching Centres are currently offered:

1. The Manager of Others Development Centre (MODC)
2. The Manager of Managers Development Centre (MMDC)
3. The Function Manager Development Centre (FMDC)

The Centres are depicted in sequence below:

What is the nature of the growth process that takes place between the Centres?

On completion of the Coaching Centre, the participant takes part in a Development Discussion at which his/her line manager is present. The participant’s Development Plan is finalised during this discussion. It is then up to the participant to implement this Development Plan.

Every six to eight months a Follow-up Discussion takes place to determine development progress. A 360-degree evaluation takes place in preparation for the discussion. During the discussion the Development Plan is adapted for implementation by the participant. The follow-up process continues until the plan is completed.

What Simulations are used during the Centres?

Examples of the simulations used during the Coaching Centres are:

• A Career and Self-Development Discussion
• An In-Box
• A Constructive Dialogue
• A Group Meeting
• An Analysis Exercise that includes a presentation.