What is the purpose of the training?
The purpose of this training is to lay the foundation for participants to design an AC that will meet the important research components required for AC validation. Careful design will therefore support AC validity and practitioners will have a solid platform to support practical initiatives with their clients.
Although a short training programme is not enough to ensure competence, the aim of this training programme is to transfer sufficient skill so that, with practise, the participants can be on the road to competence.

What are the training outcomes?
• Being able to build a Business Case for an AC
• Being able to identify competencies and simulations for use during the AC
• Being able to compile an AC Blueprint that can be followed for AC design
• Knowing how to involve the appropriate stakeholders during the design of the AC
Having a basic understanding of designing simulations and simulation
• Being able to design the simulation sequence during the AC
• Knowing how to compile an AC Manual, and AC Technical Manual
• Being able to deliver a fully functional AC ready for implementation.

Who are the target groups for this training?
Participants attending this training should at least have attended an Assessment Centre and have a basic understanding of what an Assessment Centre entails:

• IO Psychologists
• HR Professionals
• Psychometrists
• Anyone with a solid background in the field of human behaviour.