Do you need training, but cannot afford to be away from the office for long?

Then Bite-size Training is what you need!

LEMASA offers Bite-size Training in the form of tutoring sessions.

What is a tutoring session?

A tutoring session is a one-on-one training session between a tutor and a delegate.
The tutor uses a structured delegate manual with specific content relevant to the delegate's development need.

Each manual includes learning outcomes, personal objectives to achieve, some diagnostic exercises, theoretical content, an opportunity to personalise content in real-life situations (during and after the session) and reminders/an action plan for creating value from the learning. The next session starts with the tutor following up on how the concepts were applied in real life and evaluating the impact of the experience on the delegate's performance.

What is the duration of a tutoring session?

Tutoring is offered weekly in 90-minute sessions. Depending on the tutoring module used, sessions can be spread over periods of between three and six weeks.

What tutoring modules are available?

Modules can be chosen from either the Fly-High or the Shosoloza group.

The following Fly-High modules, grouped into five categories, are available:

Personal Effectiveness

•   Knowing Myself
•   Self-concept and Self-esteem
•   Self-discovery Toolkit
•   Developing a Game Plan for Life
•   Achieving Success
•   Taking Responsibility for Personal Success.

Interpersonal Effectiveness

•   Active Listening and Effective Responding
•   Building Trust and Rapport
•   Building Other's Self-esteem
•   Dealing with Conflict
•   Assessing Your Emotional Style and Competence
•   Emotional Understanding and Repair
•   Problem Solving
•   Dealing with Difficult People

Stress and Wellness Competence

•   Stress Awareness
•   Stress and Lifestyle Balance
•   Stress and Energy
•   Physical Wellness
•   Becoming more Assertive
•   Activating Stress Busters

Wellness at Work

•   Managing My Career
•   Dealing with Time Pressure
•   Dealing with Work Issues
•   Energising the Workplace
•   Adding Emotional Value to Customers
•   Managing skills, Job Satisfaction and Role
•   Stress
•   Networking

Change Competence

•   Assessing Yourself in Response to Change
•   Individual Differences in Dealing with Change
•   Dealing with Emotions, Risk and Fear of Failure
•   Thought Processes and Change
•   Becoming Change Resilient
•   Helping Others to Cope with Change

The following Shosholoza Modules are available:

•   Let me be analytical
•   Let me do cold calls
•   Let me get results: Plan, organise, control
•   Let me be creative
•   Let me write a business report