Mentor Training

Mentor Training - The path to effective mentor-mentee team performance

Mentoring is a powerful, cost-effective development intervention. However, mentor-mentees often fail to achieve the purpose of their existence. Ensure that your teams fulfil their purpose by focusing training on the mentee, the mentor and the team as a whole!

The Mentee’s path

Potential mentees, together with their line managers, attend a Mentee Orientation Session. The purpose of the Orientation Session is to enable mentees to learn more about mentoring and the programme’s potential impact on current job performance. They are also informed of the criteria that should be applied to ensure that a suitable mentor is selected.

The Mentor’s path

Potential mentors attend a two-day training programme, which includes theoretical input, a case study and role-play. The following topics are covered during the training:
The mentorship blueprint
•    The macro and micro mentorship process

•    The various mentor roles and responsibilities

•    Principles of Accelerated Adult Learning

•    How to draw up a road map

•    The importance of communication

•    Micro skills for mentors

Potential mentors receive Tutoring. A tutor is a person who gives individual instruction. The purpose of tutoring is to give additional instruction based on unique needs and to help the potential mentor to become proficient in a subject.

Mentor-Mentee paths join

The Mentor-Mentee Workshop
The purpose of this one-day workshop is to ensure that each mentor-mentee partnership clarifies the roles and responsibilities of both the parties involved and agrees on objectives and the goals they hope to achieve, as well as on the Road Map they will follow to achieve their goals.
This is an interactive workshop during which the mentor and mentee continuously interact with each other to achieve the purpose of the Workshop. At the end of the workshop, each partnership will have a draft plan (Road Map) that has to be finalised during at least two meetings prior to the Mentor-Mentee Bonding Session.

The Mentor-Mentee Bonding Session
The purpose of this one-day session is to facilitate relationship building and finalise the formal Mentoring Plan (Road Map) and Mentoring Contract.

LEMASA’s Mentoring Game™ is used as the basis for this unique workshop. This Game makes full use of discovery learning as, in the course of the day, each mentor-mentee partnership has to compete against other teams by performing ten tasks. Mini-lectures designed to facilitate learning are presented to the teams during the day.

Walking the Mentoring Partnership road

Mentor Power-hour Training Sessions
The purpose of the Power-hour Training Sessionsis to give added value to the mentors and to build a pool of dedicated and highly efficient mentors.
Each Power-hour Training Session delivers skills and knowledge that the mentors can use at a particular point in the mentoring process. The approach entails a series of 60-minute learning conversations over a twelve-month period. It is recommended that mentors incorporate the learning achieved during the Power-hour Training Sessions into their mentor-mentee meetings.